ZINARA bans unlicenced vehicles

ZINARA bans unlicenced vehicles

Unlicenced vehicles will not be allowed to pass through tollgates and travel on Zimbabwean roads

ALL vehicles without valid licences will be barred from passing through toll plazas or move around Zimbabwean roads starting on October 1, the Zimbabwe National Road Administration (ZINARA) has announced.

In a notice to the public this morning, Zinara said this will affect de-registered vehicles as well as those with licensing exemptions and without number plates.

“The Zimbabwe National Road Administration would like to advise the motoring public that all vehicles without valid licence disc will not be allowed to pass through the tollgates with effect from October 1.

“This is in line with the Vehicle Registration and Licencing Act (chapter 13:14) subsection 6 and 22 which states that all vehicles which are de-registered, vehicles with licencing exemptions and vehicles without number plates are not allowed to move around Zimbabwean roads,” reads the notice.

ZINARA urged the motoring public to ensure that their vehicles are fully licenced before travelling.

Adds the notice: “ZINARA will allow motorists with valid insurance receipts to pay for their vehicle licence discs at the tollgates and collect them at the nearest ZINARA licencing offices.”


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