Zimbabwe to have improve power supplies from tomorrow!

Zimbabwe to have improve power supplies from tomorrow!

Zimbabwe could have improved power supplies from tomorrow after reaching an agreement with South Africa’s power utility, Eskom, to pay off its debt.

The country has been having up to 18 hours of load shedding a day which has crippled industry and the mobile phone network system.

Zimbabwe paid Eskom $10 million last month and according to South African media reports it paid another $10 million last week.

Earlier reports said that Zimbabwe owed Eskom $33 million which means that it now has a debt of US$13 million.

Permanent Secretary for Finance George Guvamatanga said Zimbabwe had agreed to pay the balance through weekly payments and expects the country to start getting power from tomorrow on Wednesday.

“I think the arrangement that we have put in place now on electricity should hopefully guarantee us increased supply from tomorrow or Wednesday, “he said.

“Working with the mining sector we have been able to ring-fence adequate resources to pay for at least 400 megawatts of electricity a month.”

Zimbabwe has already been provided 300 MW from the Southern African power pool.