Zim urged to suspend travel to India

Zim urged to suspend travel to India
     Mr Itai Rusike
A Zimbabwean public health advocate Mr Itai Rusike wants the Government to suspend travel to and from India after the major surge of Covid-19 cases in that country although travel between the two countries is negligible and anyone landing at Zimbabwean airports must present a recent negative PCR test

“As Zimbabweans we stand in solidarity with the people of India amid the horrific Covid-19 outbreak that they are currently experiencing. But it is also equally important that the Government of Zimbabwe should take public health preventive measures by instituting a temporary travel ban for travellers coming from India in order to protect the Zimbabwean population from the current Covid-19 variant that India has been grappling with as that may have devastating consequences to our national rollout programme,” said Mr Rusike.

President Mnangagwa restricted international travel at the beginning of the Zimbabwe pandemic and even when airline travel was allowed, all those arriving in Zimbabwe must show the results of a PCR test taken in the last 48 hours. Civil servants have been banned from foreign trips as Government takes measures to minimise the risk of exposure to Covid-19.

India is going through the third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic as the single-day spike crossed 400 000 cases last week, and the total tally almost reached 20 million.

Amid the prevailing conditions, the overall Indian economy, mired in a recession since last year due to Covid-19, has been dragged down further by the third wave of the pandemic.

In a bid to curb the raging pandemic, more than 10 states, including Delhi, have imposed partial or complete lockdowns.

While essential services are allowed to operate, the rest have been shut till further notice. The work-from-home mode in both government offices and private enterprises is encouraged, and people are asked to stay indoors unless it is very urgent to step out.