Zim rugby focuses on Three Nations Cup

Zim rugby focuses on Three Nations Cup

By Daniel Itai, Harare, Zimbabwe

The Zimbabwe Rugby Union (ZRU) is now focusing it’s attention on the Three Nations Cup following the cancellation or postponement of several tournaments due to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Although contact sport is still prohibited in the southern African country, Aaron Jani, president of the ZRU is confident Zimbabwe will participate in the Three Nations Cup.

“We have applied to the Sports and Recreation Commission to begin the preliminary aspects such as training and education.

Moreso, we have set up a committee of Zimbabwe, Zambia and Uganda with the aim of clearing the hurdles to begin a tournament in November which will be sponsored by Rugby Africa and the three nations involved.

Our aim is to set up and play in Stellenbosch South Africa, and use the state of the art facilities as well as the highly experienced staff in preparation for the tournament. So it will also serve as a camp for our nations in preparation for 2021 and World Cup qualifiers.

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Once the approval is given by World Rugby and Rugby Africa, the host nation and our respective Ministries in our countries, we are hopeful the tournament will go ahead and COVID-19 protocols will obviously be adhered to,” said Jani.

Jani further touched on the issue of players’ contracts as some are on the verge of expiring.

“We will be assisting players’ whose contracts are coming to an end. So far no players have approached the Union for assistance even with clearances for new contracts,” said the ZRU president.