Zim netball waiting on sponsor's response

Zim netball waiting on sponsor's response

By Daniel Itai, Harare, Zimbabwe

The Zimbabwe Netball Association is holding its breath in anticipation of a positive response from its sponsors in line with the resumption of the sport.

“When we were working on a draft request for the resumption of netball we made enquiries to understand some of the requirements that sport codes which are in the high risk category like us were asked to put in place.

Our understanding was that soccer and all teams in the high risk category had guidelines to play in the famous bubble concept.

We then discovered that we don’t have the courts that are enclosed that allow for proper screening and the medical requirements that come with the screening.

So as an Executive, we tried to find out if our teams can afford to fund the costs, we also tabled this information to the sponsor to hear his input.

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Moreover, we also left room for discussion to see if it is still feasible to play any games under these conditions with the time of the year left.

However, the general feeling if one is to make a cost benefit analysis is that it would draw a lot of resources from our teams than what they would reap at the end of the season if we succeed in getting the go ahead to play, so as soon as we get a response from the sponsor we will be able to conclusively say what will happen to this season,” said Moses Gukurume, Secretary-General of the Rainbow Amateur Netball League.