Zim govt eyes for more activists and evidence points to traitors in the diaspora

Zim govt eyes for more activists and evidence points to traitors in the diaspora
The Zimbabwean government has been channeling its resources to find any culprits outside the country who have been sending and forwarding messages that they believe to be malicious and destructive to the economic and well-being of Zimbabwe.
The use of POSA and AIIPA has seen the regime trying to stop the spreading of news about the ongoing meetings, demonstrations, stay away and all the defiant programmes. The government and its subordinates have managed to instill fear to people in the country and pull-down posters for the opposition, unions and civil rights organisations, but the Arab Spring was an eye opener for Zimbabweans that they are now using the social media to communicate.
The government has since introduced the naming, shaming and arresting of most of the people who are outside the country and sending such messages.
We managed to get an up to date list of some of the members who are now perceived as “Cyber Terrorists” many of these named members are either group administrators and their members the list have been extended and our inside source have given us a variety of names these includes Pelagia Hungwe Zigangwe from Leicester, Nqobile Mpofu a student activists, Lucia Dube of the ZDFG and believed to be associated with the Ndebele sprinter group, Fungai Mabhunu of the Zimbabwe Vigil and a previous member of the police in Zimbabwe, Shingirai Paradzai the ring leader of President Robert Mugabe comic jokes, Malvin Sibangiwa Moyo the ringer leader of the Zim25 Gay Group, Givemore Chindawi a culprit, founder and administrator of so many groups in Zimbabwe and UK, Walter Tokwe a Social media activist, Patson Muzuwa from Leicester, Audrey Chihoho from Northampton, Silas Mapanzure, Tawanda Machakaire of the MDC Midlands and his members Claude Chunga, Brian Sande, his organising secretary Olive Ruvimbo Ruzvidzo.  Sekesai Zonda who channels her messages through mapostori. Other people that they said they were interested in were William Da Chinyanga a self-proclaimed politician and high wisher a Facebook terrorist who has been inciting violence in Zimbabwe and believed to paid by the British government. Another culprit Mr Wellington Mupepe also known as Wezha who is an administrator of a self-proclaimed Zimbabwean Wikileaks was on a hit-list and wanted for treason charges together with his group members.
When we asked our inside person how they knew most of the information when they are not part of the groups, and in Zimbabwe. ZimCitizen learnt of high infiltration within these organisations. They told us of a lady Delina Mutyambizi from United Kingdom who has her fingers in most of the organisations such as the vigil, Zimbabwe Association, ROHR, ZHRO, ZDFG, MDC, MDC-T Manchester drop in centre and she is a sister to Reward Marufu’s wife.
Reward is the brother to Grace Mugabe and the wife has been doing the shopping for Grace in the UK, France, USA, Spain and other countries that her sister in law was banned from going to shop. We have learnt about their child studying in the UK and we are still investigating which university is he going to.
All the efforts to contact Delina Mutyambizi who we believe is a refugee, the sister, before the release was effortless.