'Zim domestic workers have legal recourse'

'Zim domestic workers have legal recourse'

By Daniel Itai, Johannesburg, South Africa

Palesa Nqabaza, an expert in issues relating to domestic work, has advised Zimbabwean domestic workers that they have legal recourse even if they are not documented.

This comes after a series of complaints that have been emerging from migrant domestic workers especially Zimbabweans, on the manner they are being treated by their employers.

“These predatory employers know that these domestic workers won’t approach the legal system that’s why they can exploit them and that’s why they prefer hiring Zimbabweans especially the illegal migrants.

However, they should know they have legal recourse whether documented or undocumented because the Constitution is clear when it comes to labor relations plus they also need to join domestic workers unions which can be able to fight for them,” said Nqabaza.

Due to the current economic turmoil in Zimbabwe, many women have had to cross over to the south of Limpopo to make a living with many falling in the industry of domestic work.


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