ZANU-PF unmoved by SA protests

ZANU-PF unmoved by SA protests

By Daniel Itai, Pretoria, South Africa

Zimbabwe’s governing party, ZANU-PF, has indicated that it’s not moved by the current sporadic protests that are being conducted by some civic organizations.

Yesterday a handful of civic organizations protested at the Zimbabwean embassy over alleged human rights violations by the Zimbabwean President, Emmerson Mnangagwa.

However, ZANU-PF’s spokesperson in South Africa, Kennedy Mandaza, has since rubbished the claims.

“The protests that are being conducted by some South African civic organisations over alleged human rights violations in Zimbabwe are a replay of the same template that has been overplayed by Zimbabwean civic organisations and opposition parties.

It is a further indication that those who are pushing the regime change agenda are not relenting, and will use anyone anywhere to advance their cause.

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The message to these organisations is a reiteration of the message sent out by both ANC and ZANU-PF’s NEC that the liberation struggle was fought to ensure the observance of human rights and hence, we are better placed to advise people on human rights. Notwithstanding, the alleged violations have not been proven and one wonders the basis on which these demonstration are taking place.

Moreover, we are not moved by these demonstrations because they seek to distract the leadership from the core business of reviving the economy and preparing for the coming agricultural season which is underway,” said Mandaza.

However, Japhet Moyo, Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU)’s spokesperson said yesterday’s protests were in solidarity with the people of Zimbabwe.

“There is no dispute at the moment that we have a rogue state that terrorizes its citizens in Zimbabwe. The protests outside the country are solidarity protests because in Zimbabwe any protest is met with brutality from both the police and militia,” said ZCTU’s spokesperson.