ZANU-PF: Malema is being molested

ZANU-PF: Malema is being molested

By Daniel Itai, Johannesburg, South Africa

Zimbabwe’s governing party, ZANU-PF has slammed EFF leader, Julius Malema, for meddling into the country’s domestic issues.

This follows yesterday’s utterances by the EFF leader calling upon young Zimbabweans to close the Beitbridge border post for two days so as to get the attention of President Emmerson Mnangagwa over the country’s current status quo.

“Julius Malema’s call on the closure of the Beitbridge border post is unfortunate and a clear indication of how much he vests on policy positions of his party.

The statement by the ZANU-PF and ANC NEC leaders last week, was very clear on the issue of human rights when they said liberation movements fought against human rights abuse and hence, should be the first to respect all universal human rights, and they are committed to do so.

In that vain, Malema has nothing to lecture anyone on human rights abuses. That is why we find his call unfortunate because he can’t claim to love Zimbabweans and respect the rule of law while he closes their lifeline and calls for anarchy.

Malema should focus his attention on growing his organisation first before he starts meddling in issues whose knowledge is limited. He should answer the question to whose benefit is the closure of the Beitbridge border post and what will be achieved in addressing the alleged human rights violations?

Besides there are issues in South Africa of GBV, corruption, rampant killings of youths and women and xenophobia on a daily basis that Malema can exert his energy on before he can assume the role of an arbiter in Africa,” said Kennedy Mandaza, ZANU-PF’s spokesperson in South Africa.

Zimbabwe’s former Minister of Finance, Terrence Mukupe, and ZANU-PF steward also lambasted Malema for making yesterday’s call.

 “Malema doesn’t stand for anything in life he is focused on counterrevolution. He doesn’t have any principle he’s a political turncoat actually a political prostitute. We would be worried if someone like Ace Magashule or an ANC steward will say that not someone who sings for his supper.

As far as we are concerned he’s just a noise maker any sane person will never take  him seriously he’s a small boy he’s talking about human rights violations what human rights violations?

There are no human rights violations in Zimbabwe. I don’t know why anyone would want to continue listening to Malema who is clearly under the payroll of exiled politicians from Zimbabwe, they are paying him. So why should we listen to someone who is being molested using Vaseline by political delinquents from Zimbabwe,” said Mukupe.


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