Was Rugby Star Lloyd Machanjaira Forced to Refute Gay Story?

Was Rugby Star Lloyd Machanjaira Forced to Refute Gay Story?

By Staff Reporter

In the last couple of months we have had a number of stories and allegations of sodomy and a harrowing confession by Lloyd Machanjaira narrating how he was forced into homosexuality by his boss Tapiwa Mangezi the troubled former Matebeleland rugby boss and owner of the notorious Manor Hotel in Bulawayo.

In what seems to be an ongoing problem and growing concerns of Tapiwa Mangezi’s involvement in the promotion of homosexuality and prostitution the story took an interesting turn when one of the government run newspapers interviewed Lloyd Machanjaira and his wife who have previously spoken of how Tapiwa Mangezi had forced Lloyd Machanjaira into acts of homosexuality.

Speaking to in a recorded video to the Chronicle newspaper Machanjaira and his wife refuted the narrative that they had previously stated.

However, sources close to both Mangezi and Machanjaira believe that they has been pressure on Lloyd Machanjaira to clean up Mangezi’s name after the confession and expose by Machanjaira went viral on social media.

A source close to Machanjaira noted that it was strange that Lloyd with his wife Rumbi in tow were the ones pushed forward to go and clean up Mangezi’s name. In The Chronicle article Mangezi said he had engaged his lawyers to handle the issue. But what he means is he will use his money to protect his name and throw Lloyd and his wife under the bus.

“Mangezi is a controlling boss, a megalomaniac, he tends to use his role/ power (i.e. the power to fire or discipline employees he is feared at Manor Hotel) to achieve his ends. Money has exchanged hands and some arm twisting has happened. I feel very sorry for Llyod and Rumbi because anyone that has watched the video will see from both Lloyd’s and Rumbi’s body language that this is forced. The economic situation is desperate in Zimbabwe and Lloyd needs to keep his job and so I don’t blame him. It is clear he is stressed by this. If you listen carefully to the video you will notice that he spoke of wanting to build his coaching career but strangely he talks of working with toddlers? How and where is he coaching rugby to toddlers?”

“I know Tapiwa Mangezi and those who have worked with him will attest to the fact that he is a boss who is fixated on control and indeed he views his staff as pawns. Mangezi simply views Lloyd as a “pair of hands” to get work done. He probably ordered Lloyd to go to The Chronicle newspaper where he had arranged for the interview for Lloyd and Rumbi to refute the story that exposed his shenanigans and homosexual escapades.” Said our source.

Meanwhile, a lady that only wanted to be identified as ‘Amanda’ said she was shocked by what she had seen. “I had an affair with Lloyd at some point so I know him personally and I was not only shocked but also appalled by this news of Tapiwa and Lloyd. Honestly speaking Lloyd is troubled and what’s laughable is that they brought in Rumbi to perhaps give the impression that these two have a semblance of thriving relationship, but that is sad. I know I should not be speaking of my affair with Lloyd at this time but it’s not a secret all those who play rugby with him know about this, but, I had to come out because the homosexuality story disturbed me so much and the fact that they are saying young boys are being initiated into this practice made me bold enough to say something because it is wrong.”