Warriors’ Bus Branding In Ghana Sparks Mixed Reactions On Social Media

Warriors’ Bus Branding In Ghana Sparks Mixed Reactions On Social Media

The bus in question (Photo Credit: Twitter)

Warriors’ Bus Branding In Ghana Sparks Mixed Reactions On Social Media

Pictures of Warriors bus branding in Ghana have sparked mixed reactions on social media.

The Zimbabwe Warriors who are set to play a world cup qualifying match against Ghana over the weekend were ferried from the airport to their hotel and training facilities with a bus branded ‘Zimbabwe warriors’ on a chart.

Commenting on the now-viral pictures, social media critics expressed mixed reactions over the way Ghana branded the bus. While some expressed their disgruntlement stating that it was rather unprofessional for Ghana to use a chart to brand the bus another section defended Ghana stating that there was nothing wrong with the way they branded the bus.

Here are some of the reactions from social media;

Soccer24 Zimbabwe

The Ghana Football Association ought to have done better with the branding of this Warriors team bus.

Talent Hanyani Jonas

Charity begins at home.Isu vedu vanofamba nema chicken bus nemagumbeze.Kwanai

Let’s focus on the game not the Bus…

Bekithemba Nyathi

I don’t think we have a right to complain when we have done worse to our own warriors.

Simba Mandiyanike

Way better than the so called Zifa is doing

Mavashayirawo bus riri nane here kana MCV zvayo here nhai veduwe 😢😢💔💔

Edson Binocky
U expect Ghana to do better when back home they travel in a bus written caps utd.
Dickson Bandera
That’s total disrespect
Brighton Tony Muzenda Maponde
Guys let’s be reasonable. How can we want to have a logo pabus revanhu. They don’t need to spend much painting a logo that won’t last a week and lose money yenyika yavo over such. Zim was supposed to Hire a bus which they can fork out money and paint as they wish. Nyasha dzaitwa apa dzakatonyanya. 😎

Addmore Chibanda

Guys dont just put feelings pasipo that bus it’s temporary just a day chete.. So why branding bhazi risiri renguva yakareba like World cup or Afcon??? Guys let’s not talk nepasingade kutaura.We complain for that bus, but our own country fails to buy a bus for the same team they are busy using Caps united and Herentials school bus..