Veteran actor Gringo has died

Veteran actor Gringo has died

Veteran and popular Zimbabwean actor Lazarus “Gringo” Boora has died aged 47.

Lazarus Boora who was admitted at Westview Hospital in Zimre park died this morning, a close family member confirmed to The Herald.

Gringo has for a prolonged period of time been suffering from stomach and renal complications.

The association of private practitioners in Zimbabwe confirmed the news on their Twitter account, saying.

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing on of Lazarus boora this morning. He passed on this morning surrounded by family members. May his soul rest in peace

His death comes after social media was on Sunday awash with messages claiming that he was dead when he was actually still alive.

One of the doctors who was treating him , Dr. Marisa spoke to a local publication, rubbishig the rumors.

Why do people act like satanists, munhu kungofunga kuposter lies from nowhere, it’s really bad.

Gringo has just finished his breakfast after going through his morning x-rays.

“People should not spread lies.’

This week has been a bad day for Zimbabwe’s arts sector after Genius Ginimbi Kadungure who was a sponsor to some local artists died in a road accident with three friends on Sunday.

Gringo hogged the limelight in 1997 when he featured on Enock Chihombori‘s drama series ‘Gringo’ as the lead character.

Sadly, his health must have taken a turn for the worse and he succumbed to his ailment.

Gringo  as the fans know him best was hospitalized last week, after suffering stomach and renal  complications.

Last year, Gringo had to undergo an emergency surgery after suffering from appendicitis.

His brother at the time confirmed that Lazarus Boora’s appendix had raptured and caused his intestines to swell, as a result he was in so much pain.

Lazarus Boora’s surgery went well after crowd funding to pay his medical bills and the actor soon recovered.

After his recovery, Gringo moved from the city, to stay at his rural home in, Rukweza Village, Nyazura.

Lazarus Boora stated that he had moved to his rural home because he wanted to reflect on his life, gain some new perspective, before resuming his career.

The actor believed his sickness was an attack by evil spirits and sorcery, although he did not expand on the subject, he indicated that he had consulted with faith healers.

Last week Gringo was readmitted to hospital after a relapse of tesnel or intestine obstruction, coupled by hearing and talking difficulties.

Gringo’s family lamented their lack of funds for his medical care and a group of private doctors offered to treat him for free.

A few days ago, his prognosis seemed to be improving but it was for naught.

May Lazarus Boora rest in peace.