Uebert Angel focused on success and delivering

Uebert Angel focused on success and delivering

Staff Reporter

The newly appointed Presidential Envoy and ambassador to Europe and the Americas, Ambassador (prophet) Uebert Angel is the man of the moment.

The Ambassador who is currently in Malawi condoling his spiritual son prophet Shephard Bushiri who recently lost his young daughter.
Many across Africa and the world have saluted Uebert Angel for taking time to be comforting and condoling with the Bushiri family in Malawi.

Ambassador Angel took time off from his busy schedule to be with the Bushiri’s however, naysayers did not take time out, they continued to try best they can to discredit what the Ambassador has been doing.

In a statement posted on his official Facebook page, the Ambassador fashioned what some have seen as a direct response to all his detractors.

“I am NOT fighting anyone, I don’t have time to PLAN AGAINST another person… maybe it’s because I AM TOO BUSY SUCCEEDING that I have no time for NONSENSE!”

He posted on his social media platform.

An insider and observer who spoke to this publication also highlighted an interesting development and issue that is currently taking place.

“Apparently some man of God associated with another prominent prophet based in Zimbabwe tried to foil the appointment of Uebert Angel as ambassador but failed and recently that team faked a report of an assassination attempt in which they played victims all in a bid to get media attention.

The jealousy towards Uebert Angel’s rise to power is palpable. It is actually shocking the plots to foil him and see him fall are continuing.” Said the source.