Top CIO Officer Dies Of COVID-19

Top CIO Officer Dies Of COVID-19

A Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) officer has died after contracting coronavirus.

Joseph Mugwanyo, who was a PIO (Provincial Intelligence Officer) in the Counterintelligence branch of the CIO, died upon arrival at the Parirenyatwa Hospital on Friday morning.

Mugwanyo tested positive for SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus ten days ago, a Zim Morning Post report claims.

He was reportedly rushed to Parirenyatwa hospital in the early hours of Friday morning. Zim Morning Post quoted its source as having said:

The patient arrived at the hospital around 0100 hours but was pronounced dead on arrival [after having tested corona virus positive ten days ago].

This has caused a furore at the counter intelligence offices because officers are now refusing to come to work.

They want the whole building to be disinfected before they resume operating from there.

The biggest challenge is that only two offices are said to be constantly disinfected.

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