Temba Mliswa Has Been Arrested During His Presser

Temba Mliswa Has Been Arrested During His Presser
Temba Mliswa pictured during his arrest
CONTROVERSIAL Norton MP Temba Mliswa has been arrested at his Borrowdale residence in Harare in full view of over a dozen journalists.
It is unclear what the charge is.
Mliswa was addressing journalists following his messy break-up with Australian based lover Susan Mutami who has been making several allegations linking the legislator to corruption, homosexuality and a foiled attempt to poison President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s son.

The presser was premised at exposing what Mliswa says is a “security plot by a minister” to discredit him politically using his ex-girlfriend Susan Mutami for personal reasons.
The NewsHawks were told that the dramatic issue borders on name-dropping by Mliswa’s former girlfriend which implicates a top minister and the highest office in the land.
A senior police officer who refused to identify himself to journalists stormed the press briefing accompanied several anti-riot officers and force-marched a puzzled Mliswa to VXR vehicle.

It is believed he was being taken to Borrowdale police station which is less than a hundred mitres from the lawmaker’s home.

The senior police officer refused to shed light on why they had taken the vocal MP to the police station.

“We are not commenting on the this until we speak to him (Mliswa),” said the officer.

Reports say riot police stormed Temba Mliswa’s home and arrested him as he spoke to reporters before ordering him to accompany them to Borrowdale Police Station.

Mliswa alleged during the press conference that State Security Minister Owen Ncube and local government minister July Moyo were using his ex-girlfriend Susan Mutami to “defame” him.