Teachers Unions cry foul over human rights violations

Teachers Unions cry foul over human rights violations

By Daniel Itai, Harare, Zimbabwe

Yesterday hundreds of schools across the country welcomed back learners after months of closure due to the country’s imposed COVID-19 lockdown.

However, most classes had no teachers attending to them due to the current nationwide strike which was initiated yesterday by some teachers’ unions over salaries and working conditions.

Dr. Takavafira Zhou, leader of the Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) and Nation Mudzitirwa spokesperson of Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ) said the level of human rights violations in the country were now unbearable.

“Human rights violations in Zimbabwe have worsened, particularly arrests of opposition leaders on spurious grounds, abductions and rape of opposition figures. Worse still, there seem to be selective application of the law with police, soldiers and ZANU-PF thugs receiving judiciary and political protection.

This callous and monumental injustice cannot be condoned in the 21st century and 40 years after independence. Mnangagwa’s regime must be condemned for walking the treacherous road of violence as the First Republic, never mind the homeliest bellicose of the so-called New Dispensation,” said Dr. Zhou.

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However, ARTUZ’s spokesperson urged members of the public to continue in protest against human rights violations.

“Organisations, trade unions, the civic society and political organisations need to escalate their protests in Zimbabwe so as to maintain pressure that has been mounted against the incumbent President and his party.

The abuse of human rights are increasing, poverty is in an exponential increase, loss of jobs, poor health systems, abductions, torture, and illegal arrests are some of the problems that are being faced by the people of Zimbabwe,” said Mudzitirwa.