State withdraws two fraud charges against late Ginimbi

State withdraws two fraud charges against late Ginimbi

THE state has withdrawn two charges against the late flamboyant businessman, Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure, in which he was accused of having forged documents to import a premier Rolls Royce and undervaluing a Bentley Continental.

For forging the import documents, the state was accusing Kadungure of prejudicing the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) a total of US$90 260,10.

Kadungure was also facing charges of having undervalued a Bentley Continental.

Appearing for the state, Taddy Kamuriwo agreed to withdrew the charges after Kadungure’s lawyers furnished the court with his death certificate. The matter was heard before Magistrate Trynos Utahwashe.

According to the state in October 2017, Kadungure went to Daytona company in Johannesburg, South Africa, and bought a Rolls Royce Ghost vehicle for R5 million.

However, in a bid to avoid paying import duty to ZIMRA, Kadungure allegedly made an invoice number RR78695 to appear as if he had bought the vehicle for R3 million from Daytona.

During the same period and pursuant, Kadungure went on to manufacture a fake South African bill of entry (number P58333) to make it appear as if the vehicle had been cleared by the South African Revenue Services (SARS).

On July 27, 2018, armed with the fake documents, Kadungure imported the vehicle through the Beitbridge Border Post and tendered the documents to ZIMRA for payment of duty.

It is alleged that ZIMRA acted upon the misrepresentation and charged duty totalling US$138 170,49 instead of US$228 430,59.

Kadungure died last month when a Rolls Royce he was driving in was involved in an accident along Borrowdale Road in Harare before the vehicle lost control and he was thrown out of it.

Three other occupants in the vehicle were burnt beyond recognition after the luxury car caught fire.

Kadungure was buried at his upmarket mansion in Domboshava.