Sportscasters embrace bubble concept

Sportscasters embrace bubble concept

By Daniel Itai, Harare, Zimbabwe

Some of the country’s top sports casters have embraced government’s proposal of using the bubble concept in Premier Soccer League (PSL) games.

The PSL has been put on hold since COVID-19 hit the shores of the southern African country earlier on in March this year.

This has relatively disrupted the whole football calendar for the 2020 season with players and club chairpersons fighting over the way forward with regards to the issues of income and contracts.

“The bubble concept is great especially when the protocols are followed to the letter but it is costly and the PSL clubs in Zimbabwe do not have the money.

Without ZIFA and government’s help it wont be possible in Zimbabwe also without TV money and broadcasting  it is also going to be costly and a lost cause.

Moreover, all stakeholders need to come together for football and for the bubble to succeed,” said Alois Bunjira, a sporting analyst.

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Another sporting analyst, Charles Mabika, also concurred with Bunjira citing that the bubble concept can work if implemented correctly.

“As the Ministry of Sport said the bubble concept can work in this country’s football fraternity. However, I think Leagues should adopt what they feel is good for their sport and they should be guided by the SRC and ZIFA on the way forward,” said Mabika.

At this particular juncture, PSL games have not yet resumed and the bubble concept is yet to be tested.