SA's Prosecuting Authority goes solo

SA's Prosecuting Authority goes solo

By Daniel Itai, Pretoria, South Africa

The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA), is looking at separating itself from government where it intends to run as an independent entity.

This comes in the wake of staggering revelations that are coming out of the Commission of Inquiry into State Capture which have since envisaged the NPA as a toothless bulldog due to lack of intermediate prosecution over the past decade.

“The NPA should be free from political, administrative and financial interference what happened in the last ten years should not happen again where the NPA is influenced by the Executive and the Judiciary.

It should only subject itself to Parliament. It has to be transparent and accountable and not reporting to the Executive. What is ideal so that it doesn’t fall back to what happened in the last years is for it to be independent.

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The NPA has to be independent, moreso, we are engaging with Parliament and the Ministry of Justice they all agree that that’s the right move however, they are modalities involved that we have to look into beforehand,” said Sipho Ngwema NPA’s spokesperson.