SA's decriminalization of sex work welcomed but...

SA's decriminalization of sex work welcomed but...

By Daniel Itai, Johannesburg, South Africa

“Dudu Dlamini, advocacy manager for the civic organization, Sex Workers Education and Advocacy Task Force has welcomed government’s addendum of decriminalizing sex work but has said more needs to be done.

For several decades now, although not unique to South Africa sex work has been viewed as immoral and a criminal office.

However, South Africa could soon become the latest country on the continent to add sex work to its permissible job list.

“We need to recognize sex work as a profession and view sex workers as human beings.

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The important thing is that it will decrease the rate of discrimination and allow them to enjoy the same human rights.

Police are harassing sex workers especially when they get raped the Moral Act has been there since 1987 it has to be removed but we are not saying young girls should indulge into sex work,” said the advocacy manager.