SA Minister downplays racial attacks

SA Minister downplays racial attacks

By Daniel Itai, Senekal, South Africa

State Security Minister, Ayanda Dlodlo, has come out against the perceived notion that the current sporadic farm attacks are racially motivated.

This follows the brutal murder of 21 year old farm manager, Brendin Horner, a couple of days ago which has since spiralled tensions in the city of Senekal.

“It’s just gross criminal activities as a result of houses and communities that are far stretched apart and lack of security.

In addition, the attacks are being experienced by both white and black farm owners. The problem of farm attacks is experienced across the board,” said the Minister.

Moreover, last week Tuesday, several heavily armed white farmers thronged the Senekal Magistrate Court demanding to be handed the co-accused of 32 year old Sekwetje Mahlamba and 44 year old Sekola Matlaletsa.

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Although they didn’t succeed in getting the suspects, they caused damages to state property which includes the Court and some Police vehicles.

Of the several white farmers that thonged the Court only one has been arrested which has since prompted leader of the Economic Freedom Front (EFF) political party, Julius Malema, to instigate civic arrest come Friday.

However, the Minister has since said the Police is ready to combat any form of unrest if things get out of control, “we are prepared to curb any violence ahead of Friday’s protest. This tit for tat is not going to help anyone.” Moreso, the co-accused are expected to be back in Court on Friday.