SA Funeral Parlors down tools

SA Funeral Parlors down tools

By Daniel Itai, Johannesburg, South Africa

From today until Wednesday many morgues will have to find ways of accommodating more corpses due to today’s funeral parlors’ national strike.

The strike which has been arranged by trade unionist, Unification Trade Team (UTT) in protest of better working conditions will relatively see to the closure of hundreds of funeral parlors across the country which will result in no cremation, burial or repatriation of corpses for the next three days.

“We are not being recognized by the government. Our members don’t have freezers and the government is refusing to give them permits it’s actually outsourcing. We have issued out a message that no undertakers will be working and no hearses moving, if they work it’s at their own risk,” said Peter Matlatle, UTT’s representative.

However, National Director of Environmental Health, Murdock Ramathuba, said the Ministry of Health was going to leave the matter in the hands of the law enforcement agents.

“We rather let the law enforcement agents deal with the issue of that. The corpses will remain stored in the mortuaries and those who are not involved in the strike, we will make sure they are not affected,” said Ramathuba.


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