By Daniel Itai, Pretoria, South Africa

Advocate, Ike Khumalo, representative of the #PutSouthAfricaFirst movement has conceded that their protests are primarily targeting migrants.

A series of social media protests have been transpiring throughout the year under the #PutSouthAfricaFirst movement.

The movement is accusing migrants of being the protagonists of crime, unemployment, human trafficking, illicit drug sales and rape amongst other heinous acts.

“There is nothing xenophobic about putting South Africans first. We know that Nigerians are behind these illicit drug sales.

We know Zimbabweans are taking our jobs. How can someone come here to become a truck driver or a waiter is that a critical skill?
This thing has been going on for a long time and we need to say enough is enough.

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Moreover, we need to restore sanity in this country we can’t just be having people going in and going out as they please. It has to stop. Government now needs to put us first. We can’t have a country being run by foreigners,” said the advocate.

They are now growing concerns amongst some human rights lobby groups that the protests could spark xenophobic attacks.