Police continue to enforce curfew

Police continue to enforce curfew

The Covid-19 public health and lockdown regulations, although more relaxed than at the peak of infection waves, are still being enforced and people have been urged to take them seriously to prevent a third wave.

Almost all sectors of the economy are now allowed to open, and schools were re-opened although there are strict limits on religious and social gatherings as bars and nightclubs remain closed. 

There are still many conditions, such as masking in public, maintaining social distancing and having sanitiser at business entrances, and there is still a 10pm to 5.30am curfew in place.

However, the public is relaxing and more people, as a result are being arrested daily for violating these regulations.

All major roads leading into town still have roadblocks where the public is being reminded that the measures are still in place. Many of these roadblocks are either activated at 10pm, or start stopping and quizzing all drivers at that time. 

There is a schedule of permitted traffic during the curfew, mainly to do with commercial business deliveries and letting people who are in essential sectors move to and from work.

Officers are now reminding the nation that lockdown regulations are still in force and people should not relax as Covid-19 is still a big threat.

In an interview, national police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi yesterday urged the public to continue to adhere to all regulations set by Government.

“The Covid-19 lockdown is still there and as police we remain guided by Government pronouncements. People should not relax. They should follow all the guidelines.

“We also urge the business sector to comply with these regulations. We are concerned by bar operators who continue to flout these regulations and operate illegally with some patrons threatening or harassing police officers who would be enforcing these lockdown measures. There is no going back in as far as enforcing lockdown regulations is concerned.”

Asst Comm Nyathi also warned kombis and mushikashika operators against operating illegally.

While the curfew was significantly relaxed at the beginning of March, it is still there from 10pm. 

Recently, at a roadblock along Seke Road, some motorists were disgruntled when officers stopped them after 10pm when they were enforcing the curfew regulation.

“Why are we still being stopped at these roadblocks, in fact why are the police still talking about the curfew,” fumed one motorist, who refused to be identified. 

However, officers remained firm and patient as they explain to all motorists that lockdown regulations and the curfew were still in force and as officers they were out there to enforce it.

As of yesterday, a total of 711 818 people have been arrested since the beginning of April last year for violating the lockdown measures across the country.