'Nothing xenophobic about it...'

'Nothing xenophobic about it...'

By Daniel Itai, Pretoria, South Africa

Nongovernmental organization, Action For Change (AFC) has said there is nothing xenophobic about marching to the Nigerian embassy in protest over human trafficking.

According to AFC’s convenor, Nandisa Gschwari, the march will result in the handing over a memorandum to the embassy which encompasses all of their grievances.

“We are marching against human trafficking. We know the Nigerians are not the only ones involved but they are at the top of the list. There is nothing xenophobic about it. They are some people who want to stop us from going ahead with the march that’s why they are calling it xenophobic.

We need to fight against GBV. We need to protect the South African girl child,” said AFC’s convenor.

However, Lirandzu Themba, the Minister of Police’s spokesperson said there wasn’t any substantial evidence that proved that Nigerians were at the epicenter of human trafficking.

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“We are compounded by fake news about human trafficking and kidnapping but that is not to say that there is no genuine human trafficking and kidnapping. The panic that is being labelled and tabled is being exacerbated by fake news.

There hasn’t been any exponential increase in human trafficking or kidnapping. The Crime Intelligence Unit is on the ground to deal with this anti foreign sentiment.

Moreover, we know there is a deficit of trust between the police and the community but we are rectifying this,” said Themba.

AFC has scheduled another march come next week Monday at the Union Building, the President’s offices.