'Nothing unAfrican about sex work'

'Nothing unAfrican about sex work'

By Daniel Itai

There have been growing concerns about the nature of sex work within the African narrative with some labelling it “unAfrican.”

However, Ntokozo Ingwana a researcher and Zoey Black a sex worker have since defended the profession.

“People enter this industry particularly for socioeconomic reasons but we have to understand that it’s not like that was their first priority.

There has been a monetary value that has always been attributed to women sex even during these contemporary times we have lobola we have the issue of damages so a woman selling sex is  nothing new. There is also an element of sex work within our societies where people offer sex in anticipation of something in return,” said the researcher.

Ingwana also went on to clarify the difference between human trafficking and sex work.

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“There is a difference between human trafficking and sex work. Human trafficking relates to the exploitation of humans whereas sex work is consensual thus, that particular individual involved in sex work consents to be involved in sex work,” said Ingawana.

Zoey also urged people not to discriminate against sex work citing that it’s the same as any other profession.

“It’s just like any other profession so people shouldn’t discriminate. There is shaming everywhere but that’s how it is. I am not ashamed of what I do but as for my kids they don’t know what I do, as long as I am providing for my kids.

As a consenting adult I should be able to make my own choices and be able to live with them. There is nothing unAfrican about it,” said Zoey.