'No proper stats for SA's human trafficking'

'No proper stats for SA's human trafficking'

By Daniel Itai, Pretoria, South Africa

The Salvation Army and Law For All has come out against inflated human trafficking statistics that are currently trending on social media.

“Am not sure if there is a rise in human trafficking but people are becoming more informed about human trafficking it’s always been prevalent in the country but we don’t have the proper statistics. They are huge numbers of boys and men who are being dragged into forced labour. Human trafficking has no age limit but we are seeing an increase in sex trafficking people being lured into porn hubs especially during this time of COVID-19 they has been an exponential increase. Human trafficking has been here for a millennial.

However, we have an Act that was promulgated in 2015 against human trafficking but it still has some flaws which need to be rectified. Moreover, people who are involved in human trafficking are from all walks of life including the people you know. There is no profile for human trafficking,” said Margret Stafford, Salvation Army’s coordinator for Anti Human Trafficking.

One of the representatives from the Law For All further highlighted that there was need for law enforcement agents to be more hands on with the issue.

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“There has to be a legislative framework that curbs human trafficking and we need the law enforcement agents to be hands on with the issue.

I have met victims from all sorts of lives but the brokenness of someone involved in human trafficking is unbelievable. The system is very much detriment for the victims. They have to offer assistance and protection to the victims,” said the representative.