Mwonzora Recalls MDC-A Harare Mayor And 5 Other Councillors

Mwonzora Recalls MDC-A Harare Mayor And 5 Other Councillors

The Thokozani Khupe led MDC faction is doing some serious house cleaning by purging all the members from the Chamisa led faction.

In a letter addressed to the Minister of Local Government and Public Works, MDC T Secretary Douglas Mwonzora has notified the Ministry that his party, MDC T is recalling MDC Alliance’s Hebert Gomba who is the Harare Mayor and 5 other councillors he accused of no longer being part of the MDC T the court resurrected party he represents, Zim Morning Post reports.

The other councillors he recalled together with Gomba are:

Hammy Madzingira, Ward 10,
Kudzai Kadzombe, Ward 41,
Gaudencia Marere, Ward 32,
Costa Mande, Ward 24,
Happymore Gotora, Ward 7.

MDC T armed with a Supreme Court ruling that declared Khupe an interim MDC T leader, the Khupe led faction has been recalling legislators, senators and councillors belonging to the MDC Alliance and have moved to replace the recalled legislators with candidates of their own choosing. ‘

The party’s secretary general  Douglas Mwonzora wrote a letter addressed to the Minister of Local Government and Public Works saying the councillors had ceased to belong to the MDC.

Mwonzora explained that he derived the authority to recall the councillors by invoking the Supreme Court of Zimbabwe judgement in SC 56/20.

According to the judgment passed by the Supreme Court in March,  Nelson Chamisa was ruled as an illegitimate MDC-T president and Thokozani Khupe who was vice president to Tsvangirai  before his passing, was ruled as the rightful president.

At the moment, Khupe is serving as an interim president after the court ruled that the party should revert to its 2014 structures.

With their latest moves, the Khupe faction continues to dismantle the Chamisa system by targeting its strongholds.

In a way it can be viewed as a strategic move as opposed to a purely political one.

With MDC-T Khupe holding the reins, it is imperative that they form as many alliances as they can within the party but at the same time purge the people who would prove to be the most problematic for their plans to consolidate power.

By purging the Chamisa loyalists, the Khupe faction stands to make way for its own people who represent it’s interests, although the court ruled that the recalled MPs can not be replaced. To them, it seems trimming and cutting off the vine branches and burning them is  the way to go.