Mozambique insurgency raises eyebrows

Mozambique insurgency raises eyebrows

By Daniel Itai, Cabo Delgado, Mozambique

The Mozambican insurgency continues to attract foreign attention as each day passes with growing calls for SADC to intervene.

However, President Filipe Nyusi, has since come out saying Mozambique is very much capable of handling the situation.

“We have an established Islamist state in Mozambique. The Mozambican government has taken a military approach on this insurgency but it hasn’t had the desired impact.

Mozambique has gestured for military assistance but it hasn’t been really clear because the Defence Minister is saying everything is under control,” said Ryan Cummings, Director for Africa-Focused Political and Security Risk Management Consultancy.

Helmoed Heitman, a military analyst also said intervention from SADC was now imminent.

“We have been ignoring them but there is a problem. It’s not clear on what the Mozambican government wants, they haven’t asked for any military assistance but it’s a huge concern.

Something really needs to be done. Cabo Delgado has been a hive of criminal activities for over a couple of years now. Their navy is too small even their vehicles and aviation they are definitely not going to control the insurgency. They have contracted a military French company for assistance but this is not enough. We have to intervene early before the insurgency takes root,” said the military analyst.

Yesterday hundreds of Mozambicans had to flee to neighbouring Tanzania following another attack.

Apart from the Islamist state insurgency, the region is also facing a myriad of challenges which include human rights violations, economic instability and unemployment amongst others which clergyman, human rights activists, and humanitarian organizations have been and continue to raise.


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