MKMVA vows to clamp down on illegal immigrants

MKMVA vows to clamp down on illegal immigrants

By Daniel Itai, Durban, South Africa

ANC’s military wing, the Mkhonto Wesizwe Military Veterans Association (MKMVA) has vowed to clamp down on all illegal immigrants across the country.

The MKMVA has already started the process of clamping down on illegal immigrants in the province of KwaZulu-Natal.

Yesterday several foreign owned shops in the Durban precinct had to close down amid fear of being approached by the MKMVA.

“There must be a rule of law in this country all those that came into the country illegally should go back to their country. We are the eyes and ears of our country we should assist our law enforcement agents to asses the permits and if we find out that someone is in possession of a fake permit or without a permit we take them to the nearest police station there has to be a rule of law.

As for whether what we are doing is unlawful or not lawful we are doing it. If a person comes illegally where is the lawfulness?

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Moreover, We are taking this process all over the country. Provinces are gearing up. We are assisting government against illegal inmigrants. We have comrades who are experienced who have worked in the Home Affairs and in the Police we are enforcing the law and we are doing it in a peaceful manner,” said Kebby Maphatsoe MKMVA’s president.

However, KwaZulu-Natal SAPS spokesperson, Colonel, Thembeka Mbhele said Police was aware of what the MKMVA was doing but said they weren’t any arrests yet due to the lack of formal complaints.

“We have heard about it but there hasn’t been any formal complaint lodged. They are no damages that have been reported to the Police but Police have been deployed around those areas. If they do it in the presence of police then we will act but if there is nothing then… We don’t investigate videos we investigate when a case has been opened,” said Colonel Mbhele.