Midlands Provincial Affairs Minister Larry Mavima survives Covid 19

Midlands Provincial Affairs Minister Larry Mavima survives Covid 19

Midlands Provincial Affairs Minister, Senator has become one of the high profile figures to survive the Covid-19 virus after he tested negative to the virus today following weeks in isolation after initially testing positive.

Senator Mavima has been in isolation since the beginning of the month after he tested positive to Covid-19. In an interview, Sen Mavima who is also the provincial Covid 19 taskforce chairperson said he has fully recovered and was now ready to resume his duties.

“I have fully recovered from the virus and this morning I received my results and I am now negative.

“I would like to thank Government for the support, the doctors who worked hard attending to me and the prayers I got from the loving Zimbabweans during the time I was diagnosed until I recovered,” he said.

Sen Mavima said he will be the Midlands province’s Covid 19 survivors ambassador and will be sharing the message to prevent the spread of disease.

“The disease is real, we still have the disease in our midst so we need to be very careful and responsible. We need to follow recommended guidelines like putting on our masks properly for Covid 19 has no bounderies, it can attack anyone nomatter the position or post in life,” he said.

Sen Mavima said the country needs not return to a full scale lockdown and urged Zimbabweans not to take the Covid 19 virus lightly.

“There has been visible laxity in terms of following recommended health procedures and it is worrisome. We need to properly put on our masks, maintain social distancing and always sanitise because no one needs to revert back to the initial lockdown situation but as Zimbabweans we need to be responsible always,” he said.

The country has of late recorded a spike in new Covid 19 infections, triggering fears that the new wave could force Government to reintroduce lockdown measures to combat the virus.

Some European countries recently reintroduced lockdowns as cases of new Covid 19 infections continue to surge.