MDC Alliance not keen on starting a new party

MDC Alliance not keen on starting a new party

By Daniel Itai, Harare, Zimbabwe

The MDC Alliance’s Youth Assembly, national spokesperson, Stephen Chuma, has since said there are no plans of starting another political party.

This follows a Supreme Court ruling which put Dr. Thokozani Khupe as the legitimate leader of the country’s main opposition party.

However, most members of the MDC Alliance have since refused to recognize Dr. Khupe as the legitimate leader which has now led to the recalling of several MDC Alliance Members of Parliament (MPs).

“It will be naive and ill thought for us as MDC Alliance to form another party simply because there is a woman remote controlled by ZANU-PF who is wrecking havoc to the people’s movement. We don’t run away from our home because there is an imbecile who is backed by our enemy, but we confront both the imbecile and the enemy.

As for the recalls of our MPs and Councillors, Thokozani Khupe should just enjoy it while it lasts. We all know that borrowed power is ephemeral and very soon the Supreme Court honey moon she is riding on will soon be over.

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Moreover, Khupe was rejected by the people during the 2018 plebescite and part of the people that rejected her are some of the 2014 structures that will be heading to the slated Extra Ordinary Congress.

The people know whom they want to lead the MDC and the National Democratic Agenda. So whether we go for the Extra Ordinary Congress or not the people are very clear on who is their leader.

The imagined confusion only exists in ZANU-PF circles and its propaganda machinery that is so desperate to paint the MDC as a house in turmoil. Come the so called Extra Ordinary Congress, the people will clearly show that they are are clear and unambiguous when it comes to the best foot forward of the movement,” said Chuma.