MDC Alliance castigates government

MDC Alliance castigates government

By Daniel Itai, Harare, Zimbabwe

Following yesterday’s leaked document based on the minutes of a Joint Operations Command (JOC) meeting which revealed names of individuals who are working at sabotaging the government, the MDC Alliance has since called out on the government to respect citizens’ freedom of expression.

“A leaked JOC Internal Memo doing rounds in social media clearly exposes the state as more dangerous to Zimbabwean citizens than sanctions.

It is not only disheartening but defies logic as to how a whole state security apparatus whose lifeblood depends on taxpayers money can have the audacity to hatch clandestine operations that seek to exterminate citizens voicing against corruption.

Where in the world have we seen state security institutions plotting against citizens fighting societal ills like corruption? It is only in the land of spineless dictators where state security institutions prey on innocent citizens speaking against societal ills like corruption that threatens national interest.

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Is it not true that corruption has now become a cancer threatening our very existence as a people? When state security institutions become more predatory to those speaking against threats to national interest like corruption, then that state has become rogue.

A state that is predatory to those fighting corruption is more dangerous to national interest than targeted sanctions that Emmerson Mnangagwa’s regime parrots about everyday. It is time Mnangagwa’s regime starts thinking about anti-corruption galas instead of wasting taxpayers money on the proposed useless anti-sanctions galas.

The only credible list that threatens national security is the one that must be headlined by COVID-19 funds thief, Obadiah Moyo and his acolytes. We are citizens not terrorists,” said Stephen Chuma, spokesperson of the MDC Alliance’s National Youth Assembly.