MDC Alliance calls out Mnangagwa

MDC Alliance calls out Mnangagwa

By Daniel Itai, Harare, Zimbabwe

Stephen Chuma, MDC Alliance’s national Youth Assembly spokesperson, has called out President, Emmerson Mnangagwa, against the continued abduction and torture of some of their female members.

This comes in the wake of Hon. Joana Mamombe, the Youth Assembly’s Secretary of Policy and Research who was arrested last Friday.

“The miserable sight of unwell MDC Alliance Youth Assembly Secretary for Policy and Research, Joana Mamombe being force marched into a prison truck like a serial criminal must be enough to move all progressive citizens across the political divide to demand for her immediate release.

Surely those that are not moved by those sorry images are not only inhumane but proper candidates for psychiatric examination.

Emmerson Mnangagwa’s regime has done everything to provoke our inner nerves especially with the way it has abused our sisters.

This regime has mistreated women worse than in the dark ages of the slave trade era where women were raped, bashed, and then yoked as animals in plantation farms.

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Mnangagwa’s regime has treated the MDC Alliance female youth leaders worse than 18th century slave masters.

Abducted, bashed, raped, tortured, traumatized, incarcerated. This regime has done every wicked trick to disregard virtues of womanhood.

We can not have our women treated worse than dogs with rabies. This is totally unacceptable. During the colonial era, our forefathers had to question the BSAC’s rule because of its wild treatment of women.

The penultimate to people’s patience at that time was the hanging of a woman, Mbuya Nehanda.

We hear sad stories of women abuse during the liberation struggle by the very same thugs who are now in charge of the affairs of our country.

It is regrettable and very sad that the very same people who were behind those evils are now at the forefront of importing this social anathema on this generation.

Every generation before us has always stood up to women oppression and we must not be an exception.

Let the regime know no peace until our mothers and sisters are treated as humans too,” lamented Chuma.