Llyod Machanjaira finally speaks My Boss Forced me into Homosexuality

Llyod Machanjaira finally speaks My Boss Forced me into Homosexuality

“Having gay sex was new to me I was forced”

By: Staff writer

Much has been covered in the media about the owner of Manor Hotel and former Matebeleland Rugby Boss Tapiwa Mangezi from running a brothel, promoting and facilitating prostitution at his hotel in Bulawayo, engaging in sodomy and initiating young rugby players into homosexuality.

One of his lap boys, the captain of his rugby team Matebeleland Warriors Llyod Machanjaira has come out and has spilled the beans.
Speaking to Zimcitizen.com after his wife exposed Tapiwa Mangezi as having taken advantage of Lloyd Machanjaira and exposing him to homosexuality.

Llyod Machanjaira said, “There’s no easy way to tell my story except to come right out with it. I am very passionate about rugby and when I met Tapiwa Mangezi I liked the fact that he was also passionate about rugby, I was at the time very naive and going through a rough time financially. My mother was very sick I had no job and he offered to help me and covered all my bills and got me and a friend called Cleopas to set up a rugby academy in Bulawayo. He also offered me and other players jobs at Manor Hotel which is his family’s business.

It was not long after that he started making advances and wanted to kiss me and treated me like a woman. He manipulated me into homosexuality. It was one of the most humiliating experiences of my life.

Yes, I was sexually assaulted – both anally and orally.

Reflecting back now after all these years, it’s still difficult for me to think about this now.

To keep it real, I would be a liar if I didn’t tell you that I’m feeling anxious as I speak about this now. I guess a part of me still haunts me.

But as a friend of mine advised, it’s better to get it all out there and not bottle it up.

Look, I know I’m not the only guy who has ever been forced to be gay. You see, I’ve talked to other men like me who were in Tapiwa’s rugby team and made to engage in homosexual acts against their will.

I’ll start out by giving you some background about me so that you’ve got a mental snapshot. Be warned – what follows isn’t going to be super graphic. But it does offer details about what happened.

If you’ve ever been curious about what it’s like to have someone force you to be gay, you are about to find out. It’s not what you think.
I’m apologizing now to many young boys in Bulawayo whom I was made to sleep with and initiate into homosexuality.

I am 32-years old and live in Nkulumane, Bulawayo. I’ve got a wife, Rumbi who I love so much but I know I have caused her pain and I have been unfaithful to her I have engaged the services of prostitutes at Manor Hotel several times as a way of trying to reassert and reassure myself as a straight guy but once another man makes you his wife the damage is more than physical it’s psychological. I was just a regular guy with basic hobbies. In my case, it’s rugby the sport I was and still am passionate about and recently coaching It’s that last part (coaching) which is directly related to what happened to me.

You see around 12 or so years ago, when I was 20, I was at my best rugby form. Ever since I was a little boy, it had been a lifelong dream to play rugby at top competitive levels.

I went to Milton High School were rugby was the most revered game. I guess I felt inspired to play not only for Matebeleland but also the national team.

Because I didn’t have a lot of other prospects going for me, I decided to push myself to be a professional rugby player. My thinking was that at least life would not be hard for me given the economic situation in Zimbabwe. Plus, because I was athletic, I would be able to challenge my body in new and different ways.

But that’s not what this story is about. Instead, Let me get right into the nitty gritty on being forced to have gay sex.

Tapiwa Mangezi is not a small guy he is very macho, he is physically strong a rugby player type in all ways. Mind you I am not scrawny. I know I am short but I am strong.

In case you didn’t know, when you are a rugby player, you are required to stay physically fit – so much so that you must pass physical fitness assessments.

All of this is to say that I was in shape. On a regular basis, I worked out on free weights and had what most people would describe as a body builder physique.

I’m telling you this because it wasn’t enough to keep off my boss.

Tapiwa is built like a f**cking monster. I’m not kidding when I say that. I don’t know if it is genetics or his workout routine or a combo of both but the guy is seriously huge.

Forced Gay Sex

So here is how Tapiwa forced me to be gay. It’s pretty simple. The guy bullied me.

I’m not going to go into all of the name calling he did. Needless to say, using terms like “midget ” were the norm for him. He’d also go after the way I looked, calling me a “minion” and other slurs.

One day, after being severely harassed by him during work at Manor Hotel , I decided I’d had enough. That’s when I made the decision to talk to him one on one, away from witnesses.

And I’m here to tell you it was the biggest mistake of my life.

You see, Tapiwa has an office at Manor Hotel which is just along the corridor behind the reception area.

Thinking that was the best place to confront him, I knocked on his door one night after he came back to pick up something when I was on nightshift and asked to talk.

Surprised, he invited me in and told me to “park it on the couch”.

He stood there looking at me with his arms crossed.

I explained to Tapiwa that I really didn’t appreciate being bullied by him and that if he kept his shit up, I was going to file an official report. I also told him that he didn’t scare me.

That’s when he said the following with a deadpan face:

“Really? You think anyone around here is going to believe the word of a two-bit midget you must not forget who pay your bills and takes care of your mentally ill mother? Why don’t you go back to mommy you stupid p*ssy.”

Something inside just snapped. I remember getting up from the couch and walking directly up to his face – to the point where his eyes were staring directly into my ones.

“Do not call me a midget ?” I remember saying to him.

For a quick second, Tapiwa laughed. That’s when things got very bad for me.

“Let me show you exactly what a p*ssy you are boy,” he said as he grabbed me by my neck. He towered me. Even after trying to defend myself by striking him on strategic body parts, none of it phased him.

I mean NOTHING. He was just too big and too strong.

Some of what follows is a blur. I remember him hurling me onto the couch and pinning me down. Using his right hand to apply pressure to my head, he used his left hand to unfasten my trousers and pull them down.

“That’s when things got very bad for me”

The more I tried to move, the more he applied pressure. My nose was buried into the fabric of a seat cushion, making screams impossible to hear.

Once he started to insert, he put me in a half nelson, using his elbow against the back of my neck and a free hand to cover my mouth.

Like a wild hyena, he relentlessly penetrated me from behind. I can still remember yelling through his palm. He kept saying things like, “Who is the p*ussy now?” and “I told you that you were a f*ggot!”.

Minutes later, in what seemed like forever, he released into me. Tapiwa didn’t tell me he was going to do this. He just did it and chuckled like a psychopath it happened.

“Pull your pants up buddy and use my restroom to get yourself together,” he told me. Even now, I can recall how humiliated I felt as I washed my face in the sink in the toilet across the corridor.

While I wasn’t bleeding from behind, I could feel that he had done severe damage. It all felt so swollen back there and hurt to touch.

I left the bathroom and made my way to the hotel reception were I worked. Shocked and confused, I was in a complete fog.

On his way out, Tapiwa grabbed me by the neck again and said very directly. “If you tell anyone what happened, I’m going to kill you. Understand that Midget?”

“Remember who pays your bills and keeps your mother off the streets.”

I could tell he was very serious. Have you ever seen what crazy looks like in a person’s eyes? That’s what he was vibing. For real.

For the next couple of months, He would show up at work after hours when I was on the night shift at the hotel. I wish I could tell you that I went to report him to the police about what happened but I didn’t.

The truth is, I was too afraid to say anything. Moreover, I didn’t think anyone at Manor Hotel or Matebeleland Warriors Rugby would believe me. Looking back, I recognize I should have but if you want the full-on truth about what was going through my mind, you now have it.

On one particular visit, I tried to explain to Tapiwa that I wasn’t gay. But the guy took it as an insult. “Are you calling me gay mister?” he yelled back.

That’s when he shoved his d*ck into my mouth and didn’t stop pumping my face until white stuff come out.

While I don’t remember the exact number, Tapiwa forced me into gay sex. On more than one occasion, to deepen my humiliation, he would jam me up from behind until I ejaculated.

“You aren’t going anywhere until you blow it out Midget boy,” he’d whisper into my ear and continue his thing.

When I released, he would immediately follow and say things like, “See, that wasn’t so bad, was it?”

It’s been over a while since all of that happened. But I can still remember everything like yesterday. Sometimes at night, when I’m sleeping, I have nightmares about Tapiwa making me do things.

When someone bullies you psychologically and physically, it can be overwhelming. It’s easy to play the game of “I should have done this different” or “If I had to do it all over again, I would have …”

But hindsight is 20/20, right?

My wife Rumbi has stood by me and I appreciate her support in getting me to talk about this it has helped put pressure on Tapiwa to stop. Tapiwa has had serious issues with his wife at one point they went through a divorce but somehow they reconciled and remarried. Strangely he still thinks he is not gay because he is married and has kids.

The police in Bulawayo will not touch him he is well connected and has most of them on his payroll.


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