JUST IN: Kariba water levels continue rising

JUST IN: Kariba water levels continue rising

WATER levels in Lake Kariba have continued to rise steadily, peaking at 41,57 percent which was above the first peak recorded at the end of June before starting another modest decline.

Buoyed by higher than the previous year’s water levels affected by drought and heavy drawdown during power generation in the 2018/19 season, Zimbabwe Power Company has increased power generation at Kariba Power Station.

The current levels are above the earlier peak of 41,2 percent recorded between June 21 and 24 before dropping to 41,04 for two days. Levels then started rising again from June 27 with a sharp rise the following day landing at 41,35 percent.

For the next three days, levels were rising sharply reaching the new seasonal peak of 41,57 percent before another marginal drop to 41,49 percent.
By design, the lake should at minimum levels of 475.50m and a maximum of 488.50m for hydropower generation.

“The Lake level has continued rising steadily peaking to 481.30m as at 30th June 2020, before dropping to 481.29m (41.49 percent usable storage) at close of the period under review as at 2nd July 2020.

“Last year on the same date, the Lake level was at 479.40m (27.45 percent usable storage),” said the Zambezi River Authority in their latest update.