Human Rights Watch wary of xenophobic attacks

Human Rights Watch wary of xenophobic attacks

By Daniel Itai

International human rights lobby group, Human Rights Watch (HRW), has expressed concern over social media posts which fuel xenophobic attacks.

This follows Sunday’s social media post in which a South African national is alleged to have refused to be served by a Zimbabwean waitron at a Wimpy restaurant.

“We are worried about social media messages that wake up emotions that end up targeting foreign nationals making them the scapegoat of every unfortunate encounter.

The authorities should do more in protecting foreign nationals. Moreover, the government should acknowledge that there is an issue of xenophobia and work on issues of averting the crisis,” said Dewa Mavhinga, Director of Southern Africa’s HRW.

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Although the social media messages have not yet had any grave consequences, the South African government seems to be putting its foot down in making sure that it prioritizes South Africans especially when it comes to issues of employment and other business ventures.