Will Smith and Vivica A Fox

Earlier this week Hollywood A-Lister, actress and producer Vivica A Fox released a video message for recently appointed Zimbabwean Ambassador Uebert Angel.


Fox is one of the most well-known actresses in Hollywood and has starred in blockbuster movies such as Independence Day, Kill Bill and Two Can Play That Game.

She is an icon in the global movie world, and she took the time to personally congratulate the new Zimbabwean ambassador.

The video was posted on H.E. Ambassador Angel’s official social media accounts (@uebertangelamb) and showed Fox dressed in khaki LA Sparks hoodie and sporting a dashing purple ponytail. In the video Fox went on to say.

“….Sending a huge congratulations to my brother Uebert Angel on his appointment as Ambassador at Large for the Americas and Europe, and also his role as the Presidential Envoy to His Excellency, President of the great country of Zimbabwe…”

She further reiterated that the appointment was a “positive move” that should be “welcomed and celebrated by all”.

The global renowned actress, Prophet Uebert Angel was recently appointed as Zimbabwe’s inaugural Ambassador at Large and Presidential Envoy to the Americas and Europe, by President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Since his appointment Ambassador Angel has been unlocking new investment opportunities for the country and working on formulating Zimbabwe’s diplomatic rebranding particularly in the Western world. His commitment remains motivated by the ‘Zimbabwe is Open for Business’ policy of the Second Republic.

  Ambassador Uebert Angel  and President Emmerson Mnangagwa

With this pioneering assignment, Ambassador Angel is set to further activate the reconfiguration of Zimbabwe’s international relations as espoused by the Second Republic’s clarion call for ‘Engagement and Re-Engagement’.

Since Ambassador Angel’s appointment Zimbabwe hosted several foreign investors including multi-millionaire business mogul and top-level English footballer Dexter Blackstock.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa also initiated the commissioning of the Ambassador’s $5 million USD property project ‘The Harare Hippodrome’ is set to be the largest indoor venue in Harare and is almost halfway through completion.

Ambassador Angel has also been at the centre of complimenting the Government of Zimbabwe’s fight against Covid 19. In 2020, Ambassador Angel injected over USD $1 million USD Corona Virus Relief Funds to the country’s health system and vulnerable communities.

Clearly, Ambassador Angel has given a pragmatic meaning to the call for servant leadership and spiritual redefinition of Zimbabwe’s development trajectory.


  1. Congratulations Ambassador all the best in office and help achieve the President’s tenet “Zimbabwe is open for Business “.

  2. This was a great move by the President of Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is rising up again

  3. Zimbabwe is open for Business. For the first time in History for such an appointment to a man who fears God. Zimbabwe will never be the same again

  4. Congratulations Prophet Ueber Angel for your appointment this is such a blessing having you in our country and an Ambassador

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