Get to know The Buzz’ Davina Mavuwa

Get to know The Buzz’ Davina Mavuwa

Zimbabwe’s Davina Mavuwa brings authenticity, sass, and an open mind to The Buzz.

Davina Tarongerwa Mavuma might be in IT by profession, but she has been passionate about travel and the arts for as long as she can remember. Having lived and worked abroad in places such as the USA and Canada, she brings international experience to The Buzz a panel talk show on the new DStv channel, HONEY.

Davina is a Zimbabwean native who has always dreamed of becoming an actress, but her knack for numbers won with her parents. She had to come back home to Africa to realize her lifelong dream of being on TV, and The Buzz was the chance she needed.

“Being on the show feels so surreal because you want something, but when you’re actually on set it’s totally different, in a really good way. I’ve always wanted to be on TV and everyone around me has always said I’m so dramatic and extra. Now I feel that my purpose has found me. I have always loved life, I speak my mind and this show is a beautiful expression of who I am,” Davina explains.

After a good 20 years abroad, she brings her liberal views to the show, along with a range of experiences and a habit of challenging norms. “I am all about authenticity, and I believe there is so much power in being yourself. The people at home will get to see Davina. At first, I felt that I had to conform, and felt a bit of pressure to wear wigs to meet a certain standard of on-screen beauty. I was not as comfortable as I am now, having ditched wigs for my natural hair. For me, coming into my own a few episodes were the best part, and it made me realize the importance of loving and owning who we are,” Davina said.

“People relate to what’s real, and the women who form part of the panel are just that. This is why I believe The Buzz will resonate with millions of people across the continent. It’s a show where girlfriends give you their unbiased opinions on various issues,” Davina said.

She has never asked for advice on a public platform herself because she has her own trusted circle, but she jokes that not all the advice she has received from her trusted friends have been good.

“I have a small circle of trusted friends and I come from a home with four girls, so I ask them first, they’re like my board of directors.”

As opinionated as she is, Davina has on occasion found that voicing out your views doesn’t always sit well with others. “My father had to remind me to not undermine my gift. There are some people who speak but aren’t heard, and when I speak, people listen. I try to embrace it as a leadership quality and use it wisely.”

For a young woman who has always pursued her dreams, her involvement in The Buzz is the universe reciprocating her energy.

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