Fuel Queues Resurface Again Despite Selling In Forex

Fuel Queues Resurface Again Despite Selling In Forex

The country is yet again, for the umpteenth time battling a fuel crisis despite the government’s efforts to liberalise the market and allow some service stations to sell fuel in foreign currency, the Chronicle reports.

The publication observed long queues in Bulawayo and noted ZPSC and Public Service Commission and other government vehicles in various queues around the City of Kings.

Motorists that spoke to the publication shared various stories including stories that they have been looking for fuel for days and couldn’t find it, and they were resorting to buying fuel from the black market because of the fuel shortages.

When contacted for comment Deputy Energy Minister Magna Mudyiwa said the shortages were due to forex shortages:

The fuel shortages are not unique to Bulawayo only but are a nationwide phenomenon. This is due to forex shortages we are experiencing. The national cake is too small; a lot of sectors need forex, and while fuel is one if the prioritised sectors, of late Government has been diverting the larger chunk of resources towards the Covid-19 fight.

So resultantly, some sectors may suffer. To access fuel at Msasa, Government must have paid for that bonded fuel. So, the public must expect such challenges as the cake is so small and must be distributed among different sectors to keep the economy functional.

Meanwhile, motorists have urged the government to introduce dual fuel pricing as most service stations are selling fuel in us dollars only.