Four Cabinet Ministers To Be Sworn In This Monday

Four Cabinet Ministers To Be Sworn In This Monday
The four recently appointed ministers will be sworn in today, Monday 15 February 2021, at 1500 hours at State House, the Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet, Misheck Sibanda said in a statement.

The ministers are Tapiwa Felix Mhona, Minister of Transport and Infrastructural Development; Nokuthula Matsikenyere, Minister of State for Provincial Affairs, Manicaland; Ruth Mavhunga Maboyi, Deputy Minister of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage; and Kindness Paradza, Deputy Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services. Said Sibanda:

The Ministers and their guest are expected to report at State House at 1300 hours for COVID-19 testing and other preparatory procedures.

The Chief Secretary takes this opportunity to once again congratulate the Ministers on their appointment and wishes them well in their new assignments.

On 8 February, Sibanda said the appointment of Frederick Shava, Zimbabwe’s Ambassador to the United Nations, as Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, will take effect upon issuance of an appropriate Gazette as Senator for the Midlands Province.