Former Zimbabwe Rugby Boss introduced my Husband to homosexuality; wife speaks

Former Zimbabwe Rugby Boss introduced my Husband to homosexuality; wife speaks

By Staff Reporter

“Poverty is Driving Men to do strange things in Zimbabwe.” She says as she opens up to speak about discovering that her husband is bisexual.

It is visibly confusing and difficult for Rumbi Machanjaira to speak out but she braves it out and narrates her story of how she discovered her husband was bisexual.

“I feel as though his boss took advantage of him. I am in my late twenties, and he is 32, our marriage has been great, and have known each other since high school. I had never been suspicious of him at all and I thought we had a very open and honest relationship.”

Rumbi wipes her tears as she narrates how she found out that her husband Lloyd Machanjaira is bisexual.

“It’s heartbreaking and it pains me so much that his boss Tapiwa Mangezi has turned him into this.”

Apparently, Lloyd Machanjaira is a good rugby player and has played at competitive levels even representing Matebeleland and Zimbabwe.

“I know his boss owns Manor Hotel here in Bulawayo. He also likes rugby and he too played before injuries forced him to quit and he owns the team that Lloyd plays for. He even facilitated for Lloyd to coach rugby at the schools that Lloyd coaches now.

Alarm bells started going off when I received a lot of calls from friends and family worried that Tapiwa Mangezi was using Lloyd to groom young people into homosexuality.”

Lloyd and Rumbi

“When I asked Lloyd about this he brushed it off saying it’s all rugby politics some people did not want Tapiwa Mangezi to contest to be Matebeleland Rugby boss or something like that. I ignored most of it cause I didn’t understand much of what was going on.”

“However, I got worried when more people started asking me what was going on between Lloyd and Tapiwa Mangezi.

It was only after I read more things published online by your newspaper that I confronted Lloyd and his response broke my heart.
He said to me, that he did this for the money and to keep his job at Manor Hotel where he works as a receptionist.

The situation is understandably tough in Zimbabwe I agree but this is demonic I really am heart broken.

I love Lloyd, I want to help him out of this. Tapiwa knows Lloyd’s mother suffers from mental illness and that Lloyd will do anything to ensure that his mother is taken care of.

I am only coming out to speak to the media as a way of putting pressure on his boss to back off cause Lloyd says he is not really into it but needs the money and the job protection. Tapiwa Mangezi who also happens to be a married man. Has been involved in a lot of relationship issues, he once divorced his wife but then remarried her. I don’t know if his wife is aware of the relationship or abuse he is inflicting on Lloyd? I have tried without luck to speak to her. But I pray she reads this.

Like I said Lloyd and I have been together since we were in High School and I honestly never would have imagined that he would cheat on me with another man. A part of me blames his boss Tapiwa Mangezi. I feel he took advantage of him given the economic hardships prevailing and prevalent in Zimbabwe he used his position of influence and power to drag Lloyd into this.

Tapiwa Mangezi has showered Lloyd with gifts every time he goes out of the country he buys Lloyd sports clothes and rugby related stuff. I never thought much of this I just thought he is good friends with Lloyd.

I know they also spent a lot of time in the gym together. When I asked Lloyd about this at the time he told me that his boss had asked him to be his personal trainer and I saw nothing wrong with that. But Lloyd’s confession came after I kept quizzing him about what was being said and now reported in the media.

It is devastating because I love Lloyd, we have been trying to have a baby now for over 3 years. Imagine finding out that your husband was possibly screwing other man and his boss is screwing him. I was utterly horrified by this state of affairs, and I wonder how such an otherwise awesome guy (that’s the reason I married him, and was with him from a young age) could betray me like this.

I knew he spent a lot of time with his boss in and out of work but to be honest I just thought it’s what man do, I guess I was naive.
I want to help Lloyd, I want us to get counselling he says he still loves me.

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