Former Matabeleland Rugby Boss accused of Sodomy

Former Matabeleland Rugby Boss accused of Sodomy

Former Matabeleland Rugby Football Board (MRFB) chairperson Tapiwa Mangezi who is also a well known Bulawayo based businessman and socialite is alleged to be a bisexual man using his position and influence to sodomise rugby players in his team. Mangezi owns a rugby team in Bulawayo.

It is alleged that Mangezi is currently in an affair with one Lloyd Machanjaira who not only works for him (as his receptionist at a hotel owned by Mangezi in Bulawayo) but also plays for Mangezi’s rugby team.

Speaking to this publication a source close to both man said.“Those close to Tapiwa Mangezi call him ‘Endo’ maybe because he likes the other end? (Anal sex with man). But it is true he has had a well known relationship with Lloyd Machanjaira, it is something many of us involved with rugby in Bulawayo have known for years.” Said the source.

Tapiwa Mangezi is not new to controversy in 2013 the father of (3) moved out of his matrimonial home to live with a former beauty queen and brand ambassador for a cellphone company. Former Miss Tourism Zimbabwe finalist and Miss G-Tide face of Zimbabwe, Michelle Gonah. But after pressure from the media accusing Michelle of being a home wrecker.

Mangezi, surprised many when he defended his relationship with Michelle, saying she was not a home wrecker and that he met her after he had divorced.

“To address the rumours Michelle Gonah is not a home wrecker. My marriage ran its course. We faced unique irreconcilable differences until it reached an irreversible break down. I moved out of my house in October 2013. I started working on a divorce shortly thereafter. My relationship with Michelle only started in January 2014, after the divorce proceedings had begun. We are happy together and my future intentions for her are positive,” said Mangezi.

Strangely enough Mangezi not long after this left Michelle and moved back to his home and to live with his wife and kids.
But what has remained constant is his relationship with Lloyd Machanjaira.

Another source close to the Mangezi family said this could be part of the family ritual to sustain the family business sodomy is commonly known to be used as a ritual to boost business in the many dark cultic ritualistic circles.