Farm workers in limbo

Farm workers in limbo

Bloemfontein, South Africa

Many farm workers are crying foul over the manner in which their employees are treating them especially during this time of COVID-19.

Various reports across the country which relate to physical abuse, squalid living conditions and rigorous working conditions have been emerging since the country went into lockdown on the 27th of March.

“I have come across these kind of issues since 1997 these target driven mechanisms are no longer allowed. They are not part of the labour actions Act which were done during Apartheid.

Unfortunately, the situation has not changed since Apartheid where they were working as labour tenants or earning very little or just being given accommodation in exchange of labour.

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Farm workers are still being exploited. If they come from a legal arena in the event that they have won the case, the farm workers in most cases return back to their place of work however, they start being treated differently which makes them to run away or just leave the farm.

Farm workers are still being physically abused by their employers. They do something bad to their farm workers and they even do that to people who would want to assist the farmer workers. I was once arrested by farm security for trying to assist some 200 farmers who were illegally removed from their work place. The situation is really bad and needs urgent attention,” said Shirami Shirinda, a legal researcher.