Ex-con, Insurance fraudster Self-styled ‘Bishop’ Motondo seeking attention for his struggling church

Ex-con, Insurance fraudster Self-styled ‘Bishop’ Motondo seeking attention for his struggling church

Staff Reporter

Not many people know that Bishop C.B Motondo is a fraudster and ex convict. The Congolese fraudster-cum pastor now running a church in Zimbabwe is making noises trying to get attention and get his ministry noticed.

A member of Motondo ministry in Zimbabwe who spoke to this publication on condition of anonymity said that he was appalled by the tactics employed by his church leader to get fame.

“The bishop has been trying to hard to get fame, first he gave a false prophecy about the death of another man of God Jay Isreal who is based in South Africa. I advised against such a move but those close to him and members of his media team suggested that it would work. The idea was to draw attention to our ministry and particularly the Bishop. The argument was it would garner fame and attention like what prophet Passion Java did when he spoke of Bushiri’s death.”

Our source went on to say “after the Jay Isreal prophecy failed to attract attention they thought to implement phase two of the publicity campaign and this involved calling other big names prophets of the devil a list of big man of God was compiled this includes the likes of Shepherd Bushiri, Walter Magaya, Emmanuel Makandiwa, Uebert Angel, Edd Branson and many others”

Asked why Bishop Motondo would do such a thing our source said “the idea was to get attention. We looked at the attention that Prophet Andrew Seer 1 (aka do as I say) got after the controversy he created in Zambia.

But this is most most likely going to backfire because no one thought things through.”

Bishop Mutondo could have perhaps made it had he focused on just preaching the word of God, but now his past is being exposed.

Bishop Mutondo relocated to Zimbabwe after he was deported from England after a 10 month stint in prison.

The self styled ‘Bishop’ Charles Motondo was involved in insurance fraud the court in England found that he had bought policies using personal details of two people in his congregation and then rang insurers posing as them.

According to the BBC news The 41-year-old, who preached at a Pentecostal church in Leeds, had admitted fraud and money laundering.

Mutondo now runs a ministry in Zimbabwe and is trying all tricks in his fraudsters book to get noticed as a prophet in Zimbabwe by attacking established church leaders.