'Embrace Albinism'

'Embrace Albinism'

By Daniel Itai

Dr. Fundile Nyati, Founder and CEO of Proactive Health Solutions has called upon Africans to embrace people with Albinism.

This is due to the stigma and ritual killings that people with Albinism continue to encounter on the continent.

“Albinism is prevalent in sub-Saharan Africa anf ignorance is the primary reason that has seen people with Albinism being attacked.

This skin condition is not contagious. It’s a genetic thing, you are born with it. We have to confront the myths it’s only about melanin one can produce and the other one cannot.

People should not be threatened by people with Albinism. Countries like Tanzania and  South Africa have high ritual killings of people with Albinism.

We are not doing well to protect the human rights of people living with Albinism. People continue to be discriminated and killed. The African Union needs to prioritise the rights of people living with Albinism.

Moreover, for those parents who might have children with Albinism one of the problems that their children might encounter is visual impairment this is because there isn’t enough melanin in their system so it affects the optic nerve and you will also find that the retina is not well developed.

They need to take certain measures like taking them to see an ophthalmologist so that they can get the best assistance. They also need to get sun screens for them to help protect against ultraviolet light so as to protect the skin against skin cancer as well as getting regular check ups with their physician,” said Dr. Nyathi.


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