Deputy Minister Kambamura praises Prophet Uebert Angel for feeding thousands in Sanyati

Deputy Minister Kambamura praises Prophet Uebert Angel for feeding thousands in Sanyati

Mines Ministry deputy minister and Sanyati constituency MP Polite Kambamura has appreciated Prophet Uebert Angel for donating food this past Sunday to thousands of Sanyati villagers affected by Covid-19 pandemic lockdown and drought.

Sanyati is 240 km from the capital city, Harare. It is one of the arid areas in Zimbabwe and villagers there last year had a poor harvest. Poverty in Sanyati was also worsened by the Covid-19 related lockdown.

It’s now more than 6 months since Prophet Uebert Angel started a countrywide tour to feed people after a devastating Covid-19 national lockdown.

This weekend he was acknowledged by deputy minister Kambamura after the Uebert Angel Foundation (UAF) fed the vulnerable in his constituency.

“I want to thank Prophet Uebert Angel and the Uebert Angel Foundation and all pastors who are here in Sanyati constituency, who are giving these donations to the vulnerable. Sanyati is one of the dry and arid areas in the country.

“Last season, we did not get a good harvest and people have been living so shamefully as there was no food. Most people were living on a single meal a day.

“We want to thank you for coming to my constituency. The bible says, ‘faith without works is dead’ and you have shown that this faith in you is alive by doing this work of charity to my constituency.

“I would like to urge all other men of God in the country to follow suit and help the vulnerable. Without you Prophet, we wouldn’t know what our tomorrow was going to be. All these people here are so thankful for this kind donation,” Kambamura said.

Last week the (UAF) was in Matabeleland at a place called Bililima in Plumtree, a place very close to Botswana. The Prophet was again feeding thousands of vulnerable people in the area.

The UAF, which is apolitical, has now covered 58 areas, the latest being Sanyati where he distributed truckloads of mealie meal.

In April this year Prophet Angel pledged an eye-watering USD$ 1 million towards coronavirus relief aid to help vulnerable households whose incomes have been severely depleted by the lockdown announced by the government to halt the spread of the coronavirus.

He has won praise across the political divide with both Zanu PF and MDC Alliance MPs helping to coordinate the distribution of mealie meal from his foundation. Nehanda Radio