Darlington Dodo’s naming as CAPS coach- new era or new error?

Darlington Dodo’s naming as CAPS coach- new era or new error?

The entire CAPS United family began life without Lloyd Chitembwe yesterday after he joined cross-town rivals Harare City, putting to an end the uncertainity sorrounding his future.

Chitembwe has done all that has to be done at CAPS United as both a player and a coach and to ask whether or not the Green Machine will always be a part of his life is a bit rhetoric.

The Green Machine hierachy wasted no time in naming his replacement, choosing his assistant Darlington Dodo to be at the helm of the title-chasing Makepekepe untill the end of the season.

In the former Bulawayo City coach, CAPS saw a man who can ochestrate the club’s title challenge and steer the ship forward.

Club president Farai Jere’s remarks “We have a history of supporting coaches, who had not won anything before, and transforming them into legends” is contrary to some of their appointments in the past- notably one Sean Connor.

The Northen Irishman is arguably one of the worst coaches in the history of the club and that he was an unknown figure prior to joining the club didn’t prevent Jere himself from publicly admitting that they had made a mistake in appointing him.

Dodo has a bit of history in Zimbabwean football but for the club president to clasify him under “coaches who have not won anything before” attracts a question- is his appointment a new era or new error? – Soccer24