Dangarembga back behind the camera

Dangarembga back behind the camera

By Daniel Itai, Harare, Zimbabwe

After close to 25 years since she was last involved in the making of a feature film, Tsitsi Dangarembga, the internationally acclaimed writer, film director and activist has hinted on releasing two feature films and a series.

 “I am currently fundraising for two feature films which are ready to go into production and one series which is ready to go into pre-production. I also have a couple of other scripts which are in late development,” said Dangarembga.

However, despite the tenacity she has shown and the amount of energy she has contributed in the film sector, Dangarembga is not that optimistic about the local film industry.

“Globally the film industry is burgeoning however, this is not the case in Zimbabwe. Prospects for the film industry in Zimbabwe are poor, like everything else, a film industry can only flourish where there is political will to have a flourishing professional industry. This is not the case in Zimbabwe.

Here everything is run on political patronage or on development lines.  Both practices ensure that no film industry can flourish.  Therefore, we have to see the lack of a film industry in Zimbabwe as being by design of all those institutions which currently finance film in the country,” said Dangarembga.

Dangarembga is well known for her involvement in the 90s films such as Neria and Everyone’s Child which many Zimbabweans still reckon.


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