'Cults are now churches'

'Cults are now churches'

By Daniel Itai

Dr. Zulu Mathabo, a theologist and Solomon Izang Ashoms, founder of the Movement Against Abuse In Churches (MAAC) have become the latest civic leaders to place churches and cults in the same basket.

This follows a series of events that have been happening within churches especially in Africa, “characteristics of a cult include having a charismatic leader, indoctrination system, and exploitation.

Nowadays, the cults are now associated with these religious movements where people are told to eat grass, drink petrol and so forth which we are witnessing in many of these churches,” said Dr. Mathabo

Moreover, Ashoms also concurred with Dr. Mathabo citing that churches and cults were now in the same realm.

Majority of pastors or prophets start on a good note serving God but they tend to become so obsessed with power and end up chasing material things like the flashy cars, luxurious homes and having a huge following.

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Each and everyone of us has to have a direct relationship with God but now most of these church leaders are now taking the role of God manipulating scriptures.

Henceforth, most of these churches are now associated with cults the very same characteristics of a cult are now in churches with members being told not to visit other churches or getting married to someone who is not part of that particular church,” said Ashoms.

Moreso, Incredible Happenings church leader, Mboro Motsoeneng, also highlighted that there was now immediate need for pastors to remember their role in church.

“There is a role that God has given the church, for man to represent him on earth. Pastors have to liberate people from sin. Pastors are not supposed to take the role of God but represent the mandate of God.

Furthermore, pastors need to let people know that when they are in turmoil they can turn to God. We need to bring back the church to the church. Things that are happening now can only be salvaged by the church,” said the church leader.